Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Month is Dead. Long Live the Month.

Well, one full month of 2014 is now in the history books, and I've decided to take a quick look back on how I'm doing on my poker-related new years resolutions (click here for the original post):
  1. ABC Poker Training. I've been goofing around a bit on this one. Had a family member/relative agree to help set up the web pages for me, but they've been pretty flaky and thus far unreliable about working on it. Hence I'm exploring other options of doing it myself. I really don't have time to learn HTML (nor do I have the desire), so I"m looking at websites-for-dummies options such as Weebly. Like most things in my life, I have about 10x the number of ideas and plans for the site than I do actual time to implement them... but hey, at least I'm poking at it. I give myself a C+.
  2. The Blog. Hmmm. I'm actually a little disappointed in myself thus far in 2014. Whereas I usually average 2+ posts per week, I only managed six in the entire month. It doesn't help that I was on the road three out of the four weeks of January, but still.... I call this one a C+, too.
  3. WSOP 2014. The good news is my bankroll is already in good enough shape to cover a week in Vegas in June. I've also played two MTTs and about a dozen SnGs as practice. The bad news is I'm not doing much else in the way of preparation. I need to be careful, because summer is gonna sneak up on me if I'm not careful. Grade: B-.
  4. Plug da Leaks. I've done a pretty good job on the patience front, playing SnGs and cash games alike with good mental fortitude and patience. I've also done a decent job playing within my bankroll. The main exception to the latter is some PLO played at stakes that are too high for my abilities, but overall not too bad in the leak plugging bidness. Call this one a solid B.
  5. SnG and MTT Play. Aggression was the goal, and aggressive I have been. I'm not quite making the one set of blinds per lap goal I was shooting for, but I have seriously ramped up the inner LAg in me. Results have demonstrated the effectiveness of this approach, too. Grade: A-
  6. Fitness. Biz travel is, literally, slowly killing me. Jet lag, stress, poor eating, sitting on airplanes, no exercise, yada, yada, and yada. This one basically earns me a big fat F.
  7. Poker Videos, Podcasts, and Books. I watched one video, listened to ~8 podcasts, and read a handful of individual articles, but have no books on poker strategy in the month of January. Call this one a C.
  8. Practice Makes Perfect. At least three perfect sessions of cash per week? Check. At least one perfect MTT per month? Checkeroo. Three to five perfect SnGs? Checkoslovakia. Grade A+.
  9. PLO. I'm playing 2-3 short sessions of PLO per week, really working on starting hand selection, position, and post-flop REDi... but I'm still just barely breaking even. Biggest culprit is playing at too high stakes for my skill set. Grade: C.
  10. Have Fun. I still love playing poker and am having fun playing when I do, so I'm giving myself an A here.
Thank God, I have only one scheduled biz trip (currently) for February, so I'm hopeful I can improve in the few areas where my grades tanked. I'm also expecting the areas that I've been doing well at will continue in that vein. January is dead. Long live February.

All-in for now...

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