Saturday, April 26, 2014

Another View of the Tilt Hill

In following on to my categorization of the eight major tilts (here and here), here is a combined pictorial view of how I envision Tilt:

I'm a big believer in that old saying, "you can't fix a problem unless/until you can define it." For tilt, I believe I've started that process by identifying the eight primary definitions, or types of tilt that hit most poker players. Said another way, these are the ways one can slide off the felt-covered tilt hill and lose all their money playing poker.

So, now that we've identified these eight, we can start to work on constructing eight corresponding segments of "emotional guard rails" at the top of the A-Zone summit to keep you from slipping off in the various directions. To do that, we have to first identify the stimuli that causes a negative cognitive (and hence emotional) response. In future installments, I'll try to tackle each of these eight tilt directions, focusing on these stimuli and responses (which I first mentioned here).

I'm kind of unraveling/learning this as I go, so I'm just as interested as you to see where this takes us...

All-in for now...

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