Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bankroll Builder - Day 21

Hit the $200 mark today. Yipee! Today was a typical session for e-pal and me, and that's not all good news, either. We got ourselves into trouble right out of the gate, then had to grind our way back to positive territory. This has been a common problem in my own game, and the reason I (usually) use a pregame checklist. High on that checklist is the necessity to play very conservatively for the first few laps of the table and get into what I call the "Zen of Folding" mode. E-pal, who tends to be on the aggro side anyway, doesn't help our cause, often arguing in favor of "going for it" against unknown players. Oh well. The good news is that we continue to play extremely solidly (after we dig ourselves a hole that is!). Patience, RED-i, aggression... these are the basics of bankroll building 101. In any case, here's e-pal's record of our sessions to date:

All-in for now...

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  1. I've found I have to monitor my mood. If I'm too upbeat, I definitely play too many hands, especially at first.