Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Olio Olio Olio!

I recently purchased and am trying to read Colson Whitehead's much hyped new book Noble Hustle. This is the latest in paid-to-play-and-then-write-about-a-poker-tournament books in the vein of Anthony Holden's Big Deal and James McManus Positively Fifth Street. I almost didn't write that last sentence, because it implies Whitehead's book belongs in the same company as those latter two very good reads. Noble Hustle is, frankly, not a good book. It's pretentious, overly hip, full of itself, uses made-up words left and right, and frankly is a challenge to read. Weirdly, the book is getting a lot of press and some very good reviews, but those endorsements mostly seem to be coming from people who don't play serious poker. Yes, I'm going to continue slogging through it, but it's a tough go and not a lot of fun.


I've been on a pretty good heater this month. Spending about 45% of my time at Zone $25NL and $50NL, 45% of time at $200NL and $400NL 6max tables, and the remainder of my time goofing around at PLO, medium buy-in SnGs, and the occasional MTT. The bankroll is fat and happy, but because I'm a once-bitten-twice-shy kind of guy, I'm sending in a request this week to withdraw most of that money and lock up most of the profits. Then I will step back down to the lower stakes and (hopefully) do it all over again.


And speaking of heaters, got a good-news update from e-Pal on how his bankroll is doing. To remind you, e-Pal and I took $25 and turned it into just under $300 in a month (see last post on the experiment here). Long story short: we ended up splitting the net profit, and e-Pal went his merry way, returning for just one tune-up coaching session a week later. Anyway, e-Pal has now turned that tiny seed money he was left with into over $1400 playing Zone and 6Max tables in just three weeks time. Not too shabby for a rock'n'roller from down under who doubted it was still possible to make money online at poker. Wooot!


Still no Full Tilt Remission. Grrrr.


Tables set up and waiting for players at the Rio. 
WSOP starts this week! Wish like heck I was playing in it, but I'll still be there vicariously (via live feeds and the web) for the next month and a half. Gotta love this time of the year.

All-in for now...


  1. " I'm sending in a request this week to withdraw most of that money"

    If you are talking Bovada, I had a disturbing thing happen last month when I withdrew. The check was from yet another foreign bank. My bank charged me $15, okay, but the sending bank charged my $60!! WTF?

  2. Wow, that's pretty steep vig, Memphis. I'll let you know how much I get charged this time.