Friday, May 23, 2014

Zoned Out

Oh, boy. I'm in trouble. Bovada now has Zone poker available on mobile devices... like on my phreaking smart phone. This is way too addictive in places like airports and hotel lobbies when I should be doing real work.... sigh.


A few months back on a whim I sent a question to the Thinking Poker podcast email address. The topic was some table chat that had been directed my way that bothered me from an etiquette point of view. Anyway, I forgot all about the email, but the other day as I was listening to the latest 'cast I heard my question being read on air and discussed by Nate and Andrew for about ten minutes. Cool.


Earlier this week I listened to an old Bart Hanson podcast in which he was interviewing Tommy Angelo. The topic was blind play and folding your blinds. Angelo said something that really resonated with me: "Don't think of it as folding your blinds to a steal. Think of it instead as folding a bad post-flop position."


Interesting fact I heard on NPR the other day: it takes 2% of the entire world’s electricity generation to power the internet. Wonder how much of that is online gambling?


Been playing around with floating IP against good players at $50 and $100NL. This doesn’t work very well against bad players. Generally speaking, you can’t bluff a bad/non-thinking player, and a float is really nothing more than a passive type of bluff. It also doesn’t work well against passive, calling-station players.


Fact: a good way to just grind out a formulaic, modest, steady income at poker is to play quick-fold (e.g., Zone, Rush, et al) poker. If you want to really learn poker, however, you have to play real poker; I think full-ring is the lower variance approach, but 6max will make you stay on your toes the most. Finally, if you want to be frustrated and enjoy huge variance, stick to playing tournament poker.

All-in for now...

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  1. Hey Bug,

    would you recommend using Zoom, Rush etc. as a method of learning the basic of ABC poker alongside regular 6-Max and FR cash games? Or should I stick with the standard formula until I am happy I can play a disciplined ABC game?