Sunday, June 8, 2014

Run, Memphis, Run!


Memphis Mojo continues his deep run in the $1K Seniors event. He's made Day 3! They're down to 32 players and he's still got a very playable stack. Read all about it here.

Having played in this very same event last year with Dave, I honestly can't fully describe how happy I am for him. Yes, I'm more than a little envious I didn't get to play this year... but I am so incredibly thrilled he's down to the final few tables.

This year's Seniors Event broke last years entrance record, with 4,425 players entered this time around. The moderately short stack nature and fast blind structure of the $1K events means the action is fast and furious-- you have to be both lucky at times and willing to gamble, but also (ironically) very patient. You also obviously have to be very talented to survive even the first day. The prize pool is nearly $4 million, with more than $627,000 guaranteed for the winner.

I will absolutely be watching the live stream tonight if the Mojo continues to work and Dave makes the final table.

Go, Memphis, Go!


All-in for now...

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  1. Thanks. I ran good (as they say) on Friday which was key. 3000 isn't very many chips.