Monday, December 31, 2012

Resolving Twenty Resolute Resolutions

For 2013 (and in no particular order of importance) I hereby resolve to:

1. Use my pregame checklists before any cash or tournament session.
(Refine and polish them, too.)

2. Perform a weekly end-of-week post-mortem review of key losing poker hands.
(Said another way: plug leaks, big and small.)

3. Read and vote in every Hand of the Day during the week.
(And when I disagree with majority results, figure out why.)

4. Perform at least one detailed Hand Analysis per week.
(Focus on MTT hands leading up to WSOP.)

5. Post at least 2-3 times per week on this blog.
(Including Bug Tips, Hand Analysis, and Math/Theory.)

6. (Actively) Read and take notes on at least one complete poker book per month.
(And minimize the book-to-book jumping around.)

7. Watch and take notes on at least one poker video per month.
(Focus on MTT topics leading up to WSOP.)

8. Listen to at least one podcast per week.
(Priority: SeatOpen 'Cast, followed by Thinking Poker, followed by 2+2)

9. Get myself into fighting shape by at least one month before the WSOP.
(Follow the Grok/DailyApple/Primal approach.)

10. Figure out damage control strategies for business trips.
(Diet, exercise, and not playing when jet-lagged!)

11. Continue REDi'ing my way to poker success. Specifically:
11a. Reads. Improve my MTT reading abilities, with a focus on the desperation levels of my opponents.
11b. Estimates. Develop a rule of thumb for estimating how desperate I should be (as a function of blinds, stack size, skill level of opponents, and payout structure).
11c. Decide. Default to a fold line more.
11d. Implement. Improve both my aggression and deception.

12. Adjust to opponents more proactively
(For me: range balancing against good villains; Against them: stats and notes)

13. Don't Tilt.
(Remember to breathe)

14. Continue to build the bankroll.
(Focus on financing the WSOP buy-in and trip costs.)

15. Play at least one online MTT per week.
 (Min buy-in: $11; min size: 45-man.)

16. Play at least one non-turbo STSnG per week.
(Min buy-in: $11.)

17. Play at least one live MTT per month.
(Worst case: local tourney; Best case: Talking Stick)

18. Reinvigorate/Reorganize weekly poker strategy discussion
(Probably online via

19. Target the fish.
(And avoid the sharks)

20. Have more fun.
(Improving skills, making good decisions, and walking away from the tables more.)

Hope everyone who reads this blog has a great new year. Remember that the difference between what you want and what you have is what you do. Good things rarely happen unless we actively make them happen.

All-in for now...


  1. Good list. I've seen you mention preflight checklist before. What does it include?

  2. My preflight checklists are basically a list of things I want to remind myself of prior to playing. I have one for cash games, one for fast-structure (low Patience Factor) tourneys and SnGs, and one for high PF MTTs. My high-PF MTT checklist, for instance, currently has twenty items on it, ranging from "Stay out of trouble in early rounds, let fish die off, play very conservatively" to "Play tight in EP and loosen up in LP... but don't get married to a hand unless it's near nuts." My lists are really basic stuff, but I always surprise myself how badly I play if I don't actively remind myself at the beginning of a session of these basic common sense things.

  3. Thanks for your response. Even for stuff that is supposed to be automatic, reminding yourself is not a bad idea.

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