Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Position = Information, Part 3

And lest you think I'm just an old sourpuss bug that only folds small pocket pairs preflop, here's another quick hand example that shows the power of information that comes with position:

Villain in this hand is a very ABC player who has trouble letting go of big pairs on dry-ish boards. His early position preflop stats are moderately tight, so Hero can easily put him on a big hand. Call it TT+, AQ+, and maybe KQs. Hero's 44 is clearly behind this range, but if it improves on flop he's likely to get paid off. Said another way: stacks are 100BB deep, and because Villain gets married to what he considers big hands, Hero is getting good implied odds to call to hit a set or better... and voila, Hero hits gin on the flop, and the rest is an exercise in getting paid off.

All-in for now...
PS: Here's the hand history for those having trouble viewing the vid, above:

Hand Information
Blind: $1/ $2
Hand History converter courtesy of pokerhandreplays.com

Table Information
Seat1:   seat 1   ($200)Small Blind
Seat2:   seat 2   ($200)Big Blind
Seat3:   seat 3   ($200)
Seat4:   villain   ($200)
Seat5:   seat 5   ($200)
Seat6:   seat 6   ($200)
Seat7:   seat 7   ($200)
Seat8:   seat 8   ($200)
Seat9:   hero   ($200)Dealer
Dealt to hero

Preflop (Pot:3)
seat 3   FOLD    
villain   RAISE    $7
seat 5   FOLD    
seat 6   FOLD    
seat 7   FOLD    
seat 8   FOLD    
hero   CALL    
seat 1   FOLD    
seat 2   FOLD    

Flop   (Pot: $17)

villain   BET    $11
hero   RAISE    $27
villain   CALL    

Turn   (Pot: $82.00)

villain   CHECK    
hero   BET    $40
villain   ALL-IN    $155
hero   CALL    

River   (Pot: $317)


villain  SHOWS
hero  MUCKS

hero  wins the pot: $317

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