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So who is Bug? In a nutshell:
  • Key Stats: 50-something, married, empty-nester.
  • Day Job: Engineering project manager.
  • Night Job: Published non-fiction author, serious amateur poker player.
  • Poker Background: I've been playing Hold'em since 2003, and for the past 7+ years have been a consistent winning player at stakes up to $100NL. I play some live poker on a semi-regular basis (including the WSOP), but mostly I get my fix online, typically on the virtual felt at least five days out of every seven. I'm fascinated by general poker theory and strategy, especially trying to understand what separates the winners from the losers at this crazy game. My real passion of late is striving to systematically break down the process of learning poker into a sequential set of lessons that a beginning player could work through and become a strong, winning player. In fact, last year I partnered up with a reader of this blog, and we're now developing a training app that incorporates these ideas.
  • Coaching: Over the past couple of years, I have tutored a half-dozen or so beginning players who have contacted me through the blog, looking for help with their game. I'm very proud to say I've taken every single one of them from losing or break-even amateurs to strong winning players, including one last year who went from failing at $0.05/$0.10 online cash games to making a very deep run in the 2014 WSOP Main Event. The bottom line is that winning poker isn't really rocket science, but it does take some specialized knowledge, a very specific mindset, and, frankly, some hard work and patience. But it is very teachable--and winnable--if you have an open mind and are willing to put in an honest effort. Given the obligations of my day job (including a lot of business travel), I only take on 1-2 paying students at any given time. That said, I'm always available to discuss hands and strategy via email for just the pleasure of it. Please feel free to contact me via the email address above if you ever want to chat hands or strategy.
  • Hours of Operation: 5am-10pm MST--and always running out of minutes in the day...

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