Bug's Tips

  1. They're probably not bluffing.
  2. The old guy always has it.
  3. You're not priced in from the blinds.
  4. Don't slow play your value hands.
  5. Refine and narrow villain's range as streets progress.
  6. Profit at the micros comes from value bets, not bluffs.
  7. Board texture matters when considering a continuation bet.
  8. Chips lost early in a tournament are more valuable than chips won.
  9. Continually shift gears in tournament play.
  10. 3-bet pots are more honest than single raised ones.
  11. Limpers suck at poker.
  12. The sucker shouldn't be you.
  13. Don't show your cards if you don't have to.
  14. Plan on missing your draw.
  15. Don't berate bad players for playing poorly.
  16. Pay attention at all times.
  17. Think before you c-bet.
  18. Taking the best of it means you've already won the bet.
  19. Exploit mistakes made by weak players.
  20. Don't play out of position unless you have a damn good reason.
  21. Minimax: minimizing losses, maximizing profits.
  22. Don't try to bluff bad players.
  23. To improve at poker you have to work at it.
  24. Blinds are sunk costs.
  25. Don't pay off big turn and river bets.
  26. Be cautious post-flop with so-called "trouble" hands.
  27. A postflop raise means a no-fold hand
  28. Assign a range to your opponents
  29. Waiting for the blinds to go up before stealing in MTT
  30. Decide whether you actually want to get better at poker, or not.
  31. Keep folding if folding is the right play.
  32. Keep accurate, continuous track of stack and pot sizes.
  33. Don't lament not getting paid off with big hands.
  34. Treat river min-bets as checks from ABC players.
  35. Do regular and honest self-assessments of your weaknesses.
  36. Don't go broke in an unraised preflop pot.
  37. Beware turn and river raises.
  38. Bet only for value or as bluffs.
  39. One bad session can have a big net effect on your bankroll.
  40. Don't dig a hole immediately after sitting down at a table.
  41. Draw if the odds are correct.
  42. Value bet the river-- but fold to re-raises.
  43. Actively look for reasons to fold OOP, and also to play IP.
  44. Position is good for you-- even if you don't know why.
  45. Accept Variance.
  46. Play a selective, tight game.
  47. Bankroll: you need a big one to play no-limit Hold'em.

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