Donkey Test

To the uninitiated, there exists a popular online poker quiz called the Donkey Test that has been discussed in-depth (some would say ad nauseam) on various poker forums and blogs. If you've got a spare hour or so, the test is free to take and is a lot of fun. While not perfect, I believe it can and will give you a pretty good estimate of your current "poker IQ." The test can be found by clicking here.

I've obviously taken the test myself. While I scored only slightly above average* when I originally took it, I wondered for a while what I got wrong-- and why. As a result, I decided to focus a series of individual blog posts on dissecting and analyzing the questions to the best of my abilities. This process took nearly a year to complete. Below is a master list of links to each of those individual blog posts of mine:

Q#1: Worst possible heads-up starting hand in poker
Q#2: KJ out of position
Q#3: Facing all-in shove with TT
Q#4: A8o in the SB in multiway tournament hand
Q#5: Facing all-in with A9o in tournament
Q#6: QJo in late position
Q#7: KK in the big blind facing a lot of preflop action
Q#8: A set of nines in position against inexperienced player
Q#9: 88 in the big blind facing a 3bet multiway
Q#10: AQo in the big blind facing a 3bet multiway

Q#11: KK facing flop shove on dry board multiway
Q#12: AA on dry board in position against weak player
Q#13: Coin flip probability question
Q#14: 55 in MP facing and UTG open raiser
Q#15: AKs facing a donk bet on A-high dry board
Q#16: 75s in SB in multiway limped pot
Q#17: JTo under the gun
Q#18: AA facing raise and cold call in tournament preflop
Q#19: What to call with when you see your opponent's AA preflop?
Q#20: JJ UTG facing post-flop action on dry board

Q#21: A6s on A-high board heads-up facing action
Q#22: Your shove with a set of deuces gets called
Q#23: Weak flush facing multiway action
Q#24: T5o facing desperate short stacker shove in tournament
Q#25: 84o facing weak player in heads-up SnG
Q#26: T3o short-stacked in SnG with low M
Q#27: Flopped bottom two pair facing post-flop action
Q#28: Flopped top two pair with AK facing post-flop shove
Q#29: Cash game bankroll size requirement
Q#30: How important is position in NL vs. Limit?

Q#31: Flopping trips with AK
Q#32: Is ATo in EP a losing hand?
Q#33: Flopping bottom set on wet board
Q#34: Turned trips with AK facing strong action
Q#35: Facing all-in shove when holding top two pair on wet board
Q#36: AA facing all-in on dry flop
Q#37: Turned full house on wet board
Q#38: KK preflop facing 3bet from very tight player
Q#39: Bottom set on very wet board
Q#40: Evaluating board texture holding middle pair

Q#41: Non-nut flush on river facing all-in check-raise
Q#42: Putting opp on hand ranges
Q#43: Putting opponents on hand ranges in tournament
Q#44: Nut flush draw facing all-in on flop
Q#45: 77 UTG preflop in 6max cash
Q#46: Weak ace facing check-raise on A-high flop
Q#47: Definition of Reverse Implied Odds
Q#48: AKo facing preflop 3bet OOP
Q#49: Best hand to RR preflop on dry board against bluffy LAg
Q#50: Flopped middle set facing all-in reshove
Q#51: Full house decision when entire life bankroll on the line (Rounders)
Q#52: Board texture and cbetting

I sincerely hope you enjoyed reading the analyses of these quizzes as much as I did working them out and writing them down. I'd love to hear back from you if/when you decide to take the original test online yourself. If you do, please drop me a line at and let me know how it went.

[NEW UPDATE: Wow. It's been years, but the owner of the Donkey Test company actually contacted me unsolicited via email. He'd evidently read this blog page and realized that I had not ever received my "Poker Intelligence Profile analysis/report card. He said in his email:

"Hi there, I wrote the test and I have been having a lot of trouble with the buggy paypal payment processing, which creates myriad annoying errors. I have to send the profiles out manually for some people, and I saw on your blog that you never received your results. I’m sorry I missed your emails and I’d be happy to send your results if you can give me the name/email used to take the test."

So I wrote him back with my email address, and sure enough this morning I had my detailed results delivered in my inbox. (Read about it here if you're interested.) The new bottom line is this: The Donkey Test remains a great little exercise to do, and I recommend taking it. The basic score is free and delivered automatically. Further, for $9.95, you can get your detailed results.

All-in for now...
*In case you're wondering, my original donkey test score was 105. I've now gone back and retaken the test, using the answers I've worked out via all the blog post analyses above. With these new answers, my score is now 154. This is close, but still not quite perfect; I think the test might not like my responses to Q's #24 and #32. Otherwise, I think my answers are all pretty much correct. Drop me a line if you disagree...


  1. I changed answer 34 and answered quickly (153). Prior best was 116. Thanks for sharing!

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